What does it take to make a business breakthrough?

From Vele Galovski’s perspective, you need daring goals, skillful data analysis, highly focused innovation development, dynamic leadership and an inspiring approach to employee engagement.

These are the key components of the fast-moving, pragmatic management methodology featured in his book The Perpetual Innovation Machine co-authored with Hank Shaw, an award-winning writer and communications consultant.

Down-to-earth tools & techniques.

Designed as a practical guide to innovation engineering and deployment, the book helps executives, emerging leaders and graduate-level students understand how to identify the Key Drivers of Performance, develop targeted innovations, and keep organizations moving forward toward their breakthrough goals with 9 “Power Tools” created by quality management experts.

The book also helps readers understand how to develop a “full contact” communication campaign designed to inspire employees and create an empowered, entrepreneurial culture.

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Now available as an ebook: Only $7.95